Andy Vyvyan

Andy Schedule

Sunday- 10:00am-3:00pm
Monday- 8:30am-1:15pm
Tuesday- 8:30am-7:00pm
Wednesday- 8:30am-3:00pm
Thursday- 8:30am-6:15pm
Friday- 8:30am-1:15pm
Every Other Saturday- 8:30am-3:00pm

Hi, my name is Andy Vyvyan, owner of Nelipot’s Mind & Body Rejuvenation. I attended Anthem College in Brookfield and earned my associates degree in massage therapy in 2012. My goal is to help people live better lives by utilizing the healing benefits of massage and Reiki.

My passion is to help heal people inside and out. I believe self-care is a MUST in today’s busy world. Regular bodywork and energy work are the key to living up to your fullest potential. Massage and Reiki can be beneficial to everyone when applied in the correct manner by a caring, knowledgeable therapist. I’ve spent years working in every type of massage environment from chiropractic, to high end spa, to sports therapy, and even corporate massage work. I bring all of that to one table, combining several modalities into one very unique style designed to get the best therapeutic results to fit the client’s needs. My results focused massage technique combines myo-facial, deep tissue, active release, and oriental techniques to provide lasting results. I am well versed in Prenatal massage and lymphatic massage as well. I include hot stones & hot towels in every massage for no extra charge.

I am also a Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that promotes balance within our whole system – Mind, body and soul. This means that although we may come to a Reiki treatment looking for relief from some emotional or physical ailment, we may find that we start to reap the benefits on many levels and in unexpected ways.

During my off time I enjoy kayaking, running, snowboarding, singing, cooking and spending time with my cats. Music and cooking have always been two very big passions in my life and will remain so for quite some time. I cooked my way through college at a handful of different restaurants so I’m always up for sharing some recipes. I cook a mean BBQ. I also love animals and the great outdoors. I look forward in assisting you on your path to wellness.

Erin Matthias

Erin Schedule
Monday- 1:15pm-9:30pm
Wednesday- 3:00pm-9:30pm
Friday- 1:15pm-9:30pm
Saturday- 3:00pm-9:30pm
Sunday- 3:00pm-9:30pm

Erin Matthias graduated from the Grafton Blue Sky School of Professional Massage in 2014, specializing in their Medical Massage track. Erin blends Eastern and Western techniques in her massages; swedish, acupressure, trigger point therapy, lymphatic, and neuromuscular therapy are just a few of the styles she has studied. Erin is always studying new techniques and will easily shift between relaxation to deep tissue to energy work depending on her client’s goals and needs.
    In her free time, Erin trains dogs and horses with positive reinforcement, putting emotional well-being first. This knowledge of the nervous system and behavior is very applicable to helping massage therapy clients process trauma and release stress. Living with chronic pain conditions herself, Erin is sensitive to the struggles of ongoing pain and sensory issues. Particular conditions of interest include arthritis and hypermobility.

Tami Friday

M.S., OTR/L Occupational Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher

Tami Schedule
Monday: 9:30am-12:30pm
Tuesday: 3:00pm-7:30pm
Wednesday: 8:30am-12:30pm
Thursday: 3:00pm-7:30pm
Friday: 8:30am-12:30pm
Sunday: 8:30am-12:30pm
And by appointment

Hello! I am an Occupational Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher who has worked in hospital settings, home health, and as a college-level instructor. I specialize in Energy Blast Healing, Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki. I also teach wellness classes. Whether you seek treatment as part of a routine self-care commitment, or if you have a particular physical or energetic symptom, we can work together to address your unique needs. My intention is to help enhance harmony and balance in your body, mind and spirit for a healthier and happier you.

For playtime, I enjoy hiking, reading, hanging out with friends, Kirtans and sound healing, spending time outdoors and spending time with my Sheltie, Stewart.


Tami Schedule
Monday 2:00pm-7:00pm
Wednesday 2:00pm-7:00pm
Fridays 12:00pm-7:00pm
Saturday 8:00am-3:00pm

Hello, I’m Tine. I’m a licensed massage therapist new to the Milwaukee area. I began my career at the Kohler Waters Spa in Green Bay. Although now I am working with a locally owned-small business, I still pride myself in incorporating 4 diamond elements into every massage. These include Himalayan hot salt stones, warm bamboo, and cupping to name a few! Swedish and relaxation are my specialty, which is perfect for those seeking nurturing, therapeutic touch. Book with me today for your “me time” getaway!


Bonnie Schedule
Monday 3:00pm - 8:00pm
Thursday 3:00pm - 8:00pm

Hello, I am Bonnie Heshelman, LMT and Reiki Master. I am a 2019 graduate of the Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork specializing in the Medical Intensive track. I have education and hands on experience in swedish massage, neuromuscular therapy, sports massage, lymphatic massage, craniosacral therapy, oncology massage, acupressure, reflexology, and reiki.
About 2 years ago, I had a turning point in my life where I wanted a more rewarding job in my next chapter of life. With people working longer throughout their lives, I knew it was important to have a career I was passionate about. I have received massages for over 25 years for headache relief, tension relief in neck and shoulders and soft tissue maintenance between chiropractor adjustment for scoliosis maintenance. I came to realize I could get behind massage because I truly understand the benefits.

My mission is to help keep everyone moving so they can get the best out of life. I have an adventurous spirit and love to travel and stay active. I used to run ½ marathons, marathons, ultras, as well as golfed, play coed softball, soccer (indoor and outdoor), basketball and weight lifting. Currently I bike, hike and dance on a regular basis. Massage and stretching has helped me maintain that active lifestyle. That is what I want to give to everyone who wants it; the mobility to enjoy life in the way they want and even the ways they never knew were possible.